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For 35 years, I've had the privilege of working with many thousands of clients around the world to help them understand the guidance and the gifts revealed through their horoscopes. In your 60-minute astrological consultation, we will explore the influences, tendencies, strengths and vulnerabilities suggested by your chart. In examining how the planetary placements and patterns are linked to your life purpose, we will discuss and determine strategies for opening opportunities and dealing with challenges as you seek personal fulfillment.
Please email me at or call me at 757-319-0850 to schedule your appointment.

Monthly Videos

Every month, on my YouTube Channel, you can watch new videos on the astrology forecast for that month. You can also see the energetic influences of the New Moon as it passes through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Professionally produced and always free, these short videos are packed full of useful information and practical guidance to help you anticipate and integrate the important astrological patterns the month holds in store.

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Please email me at to schedule an appointment.

Or call 757-319-0850.

Natal Astrology Consultation

Identifying the astrological significance of the positions and relationships of the planets at the moment of your birth provides a wealth of information that, professionally interpreted, can offer invaluable insight into your past, present and future.

Part of your 60-minute private consultation will be devoted to understanding your present situation, emotional patterns and relevant behaviors. We will discuss key astrological energies impacting your life now and how you can best use these planetary aspects to create a more supportive personal and professional environment for enhanced success.

I will also project your planetary cycles and horoscope activity forward for the next 2-3 years. You’ll get an easy-to-understand, helpful, and uplifting picture of your life potential, as well as a look ahead to the major events, changes and opportunities as suggested by your horoscope.

This consultation is a two-way discussion that's not only free of technical jargon but also rich with accessible insight and useful advice you can actually put into practice. Our interaction is very much a dialogue - you are invited to ask questions or seek clarifications at any time.

Please email me at or call 757-319-0850 to schedule an appointment, which is generally handled over the phone.

Fee: $180 for 60 minutes
Payment can be made by MasterCard or Visa, or by check (check must be received before the appointment).


Astrology for Newborns and Older Children

An astrological analysis for a newborn or young child is a great gift for parents and can provide a unique understanding of the child's entry into the world, or what to expect in the early years and beyond.

This consultation focuses on identifying and explaining the reigning needs of the child as well as the basic nature and structure of their identity and development. A comprehensive understanding of the life purpose opportunities and issues will be discussed, along with strategies that will provide practical guidance and help steer the child toward success.

This can be done by phone or in person with the parents, or provided electronically as a digital recording.

Fee: $180 for 60 minutes
Payment can be made by MasterCard or Visa, or by check (check must be received before the appointment).


For Best Results

An accurate birth date, time and location (by city or town preferably) are very important in order for an astrological consultation to be most helpful. Generally, a birth time is available on your birth certificate.

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My Story


    I have been in love with astrology...

    I have been in love with astrology - and all things metaphysical, really - since 3rd grade. After pestering my mom for an astrology book, she finally bought me Linda Goodman's Sun Signs. In reading and becoming immersed in that landmark work, I felt like I was remembering something I already knew…as though I had studied astrology in a previous life. It was an ancient art with which I had a wonderful feeling of familiarity and a craft that I have been honing ever since.
    After graduating with Highest Honors in Noel Tyl's Master's Degree Certification Program in 2009, I developed and produced with my husband the 9 DVD Tyl MasterWork set, which has been sold worldwide. I am now Noel's teaching associate for the Master's course.

    Since becoming a full-time astrologer in 1983, I have interpreted tens of thousands of charts for clients in all walks of life all around the world.

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